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Meet Mark

If you're winning I'm winning!

Mark Matika

Healer, Entrepreneur, Wellness Coach, Author, Astrologer and motivational speaker

Mark's purpose in life and source of inspiration is having people prosper out of falling in love with themselves! 

Over the last 40+ years of his life, he has gained much wisdom studying the relationship between human beliefs and their corresponding behavior.  Along the way, he developed a technology that empowers people by removing the hidden chains of hypnotic subconscious thinking. 

Through his book, astrology, seminars & workshops he illuminates what's stopping people from living a life they love.

Undergraduate Background

Grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
4 Letters in Sports, National Honor Society
MVP in Football and Basketball
Football Scholarship at Villanova University

Financial Success

Herbalife President's Team and Hall of Fame Member
Personally mentored by Mark Hughes, Founder of Herbalife
Also mentored by Jim Rohn - Famous business philosopher
Financially Independent

For a Cause

Committed to being a lighthouse for humanity, providing freedom power and peace of mind
Fund raised and contributed over ½ Million $ for the Hunger Project
Traveled to Sub-Sahara Africa, Senegal’s "Forgotten Villages"
Mentored by Joan Holmes - former president of The Hunger Project


Spoke and trained audiences of 18,000+ people
Author of “High Frequency Living: A Simple Guide to Unleash Your Spirit”
Led Landmark Education Corporation transformational seminars

Created Falling in Love with Yourself seminars

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