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High Frequency Living

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Meet Mark

Healer, Entrepreneur, Wellness Coach, Author,

Astrologer and motivational speaker

After following traditional education in high school and college, Mark chose a path less traveled and began to investigate alternative ways of thinking, healing and personally evolving.  Studying nutrition, astrology, transformation, spirituality, metaphysics and the laws of prosperity, he developed seminars for people to be able to regain their power.  In addition to seminars Mark works individually with people and and is committed to supporting people in finding their purpose in life.

Start Your Journey

Books that will Change Your Life!

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz
You Can Have it All
You Can Heal Your Life


Sean Gornell

"In the first hour being with Mark already I was getting access to have my life get on track to a life that I love and have freedom and peace of mind. 

His wisdom is insightfully straight and delivered with love and compassion. So effective that I was able to have breakthroughs that I thought were never possible.  Mostly, with my relationships, especially with my wife, his guidance caused my career to flourish as well as create a wonderful business with my wife!

My health is restored where I lost 27 pounds kept it off and felt better than ever. 


Most of all Mark gives the wisdom away so I now have the ability to say how life goes and no longer be a victim of circumstances... and pass this wisdom along to others.   

Sean F. Gornell

Executive, Entrepreneur, Pilot

Bill Deering_edited_edited_edited_edited

"Mark is a great coach.  He gets to the heart of the issue and makes a difference on the spot.  I was struggling with being stressed out.  Through Mark's coaching and expertise, I was able to let go of my stress and let go of the pain in my body.  Since his coaching, I have had much less stress in my life."

William Deering 
Motivational Speaker for People with Disabilities

Patrick Phillips

Patrick Phillips

Strategic Partner for Solar Contractors

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